Wireless Mouse @ Rs.333 & Eveready Rechargeable Fan @ Rs.1999

By on May 29, 2013

Infibeam here comes up with a new tremendous deal on Wireless Mouse and Rechargeable Fan. They have released its another Magic Box Deal by which you can buy Wireless Mouse @ Rs. 333 & Eveready Rechargeable Fan @ Rs.1999 . Hurry This offer is for limited period of time so make it fast to grab this deal .

Wireless Mouse @ Rs.333 & Eveready Rechargeable Fan @ Rs.1999

Wireless Mouse @ Rs.333 & Eveready Rechargeable Fan @ Rs.1999Wireless Mouse @ Rs.333 & Eveready Rechargeable Fan @ Rs.1999

How To Buy Wireless Mouse @ Rs.333 & Eveready Rechargeable Fan @ Rs.1999 :

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  • Select your product
  • Add your product to the cart
  • Make Payment

Product details :

KolorFish C-170 Wireless Mouse Description

With KolorFish Wireless mouse in house, say bye-bye to all the cords and wires that restrict you from working on your computer freely. This mouse is easy-to-use and comes in spectacular looking color combination of yellow and black. You can use the mouse freely 360 degree and within the 10M radius.  The mouse has three buttons and it can also be connected using a USB port which adds to the functionality of the button. The KolorFish wireless mouse is light in weight and travel friendly so you can carry it anywhere and everywhere you go!

Thus, it makes an ideal choice for all the people who wish to have convenience of working on their computers or laptops even from a bit of distance.

Eveready Rechargeable Fan With LED Light Description

Eveready Rechargeable Fan with LED Light is an adjustable fan at 180 degree rotation. This Two speed fan comes with 150mm sweep. It has 16LED Light and an Auto ON features that automatically turns on the light when there is no light in the room. It has a Super Bright White LED Light. It also has an adjustable fan speed of High and Low depending on the kind of air you would want the fan to give. It also has an air throw direction of upto 90 degrees.

This fan comes with Overcharge and Deep Discharge Protection. Approximate run time when you use the Fan and Light both is 2.5 hours and if you use only the light then it will run for approximately 20 hours when fully charged. Initially it takes approximately 20-24 hours to charge this device completely and regular charging takes approximately 16 hours.

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