11% off on Revital Daily Health Supplement(30 Capsules)

By on December 4, 2013

Revital is a combination of ginseng, vitamins and minerals. Ginseng is a herb which increases energy levels of the body. Vitamins and minerals fulfill our daily requirements and promote good health. Enjoy 11% Discount on Shopclues on this Product


How To Buy Revital Daily Health Supplement :

About the Revital Daily Health Supplement:

Revital is a daily health supplement which takes care of tiredness and weakness and keeps us fresh and active, throughout the day.Revital is a combination of ginseng, vitamins and minerals. Ginseng is a herb which increases energy levels of the body. Vitamins and minerals fulfill our daily requirements and promote good health.

Features:Health supplement contains: Vitamins, Calcium, Ginseng & Minerals

Fights fatigue and keeps you energetic throughout the day

Helps improve health and stamina

Qty: 30 capsules

Dosage:One capsule daily or as directed by a physician.

Allergen Information/Warning:Revital may have some side effects on certain people. It must not be taken on an empty stomach and if done so rare side effects such as indigestion, heartburn or nausea might occur. Consult your physician prior to taking Revital if you are pregnant and lactating.


ServingSize 1 CapsuleAmount per Serving
Energy4.23 kcal
Vitamin A2000 IU
Vitamin B11mg
Vitamin B21.5mg
Vitamin B310mg
Vitamin B55mg
Vitamin B61mg
Vitamin B121mcg
Vitamin C40mg
Vitamin D3200IU
Vitamin E5mg
Folic Acid0.12mg
Ferrous Fumarate17mg
Ginseng extract powder42.5mg


Dimensions and Weight

8 cm
4 m
500 g

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