Nike Deodorants N150 (pack of 2) for Men 200mL worth RS.550 @ Rs.264

By on May 12, 2013

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Nike Deodorants N150 (pack of 2) for Men 200mL worth RS.550 @ Rs.264

How To Buy Nike Deodorants N150 (pack of 2) for Men 200mL worth RS.550 @ Rs.264 :

Product details Nike Deodorant :

Nike Deodorant N150 Cool Wind Deo Spray – 200 ml (For Men)

Wind on your face, with a fabulous fragrance surrounding you, can fill your day with a fabulous, feel-good factor. The Nike N150 Cool Wind is an exclusive deodorant designed for the man who lives life with a perpetual winning attitude. Strong and refreshing, this powerful fragrance is a blast of cool freshness that encapsulates you in a soothing sense of joyful harmony. Bathe in the ecstasy of an original fragrance and be protected from bacteria, sweat or body odour related embarrassments all day long. A curious assortment of warm, sensual notes, this essentially masculine fragrance is a great choice for daily wear and works with a wide range of casual wear. The Nike N150 Cool Wind  mass premium deodorant lasts long and is a perfect complement to that manly appeal in you.

Nike Deodorant N150 Blue Wave Deo Spray – 200 ml (For Men)

Refreshing and rejuvenating, blue like the calm, deep ocean, Nike Blue Wave is an aroma reminiscent of the cool, fresh and breezy beach in winter. Seeking a convergence in divergent aromas, solitude in magnitude, a whiff of Blue Wave is like shredding the fierce wave on your surf board. Gentle yet feisty, this invigorating scent is both soothing and powerful. Opening with notes of bergamot, mandarin and black currant, Blue Wave leads you down a trail to a marine heart of lavender, rosemary and pistachio. An ambrosial, musky base note adds a touch of masculine sophistication to the aroma. Blue Wave is for men who play, and play hard.

 Nike Deodorant N150 On Fire Deo Spray – 200 ml (For Men) Price: Rs.248

Take the heat up a notch with this intensely masculine deo spray from Nike and make all eyes turn every time you enter a room. Designed for the manly man whose impassioned ways with women have set many hearts on fire, the Nike N150 On Fire deo spray is a celebration of freedom and carefree spirit. Fly high with this ecstatic composition that embraces your olfactory senses in ambrosial enigma, and takes you on a pleasant ride to your very own version of paradise. A brilliant concoction of bright, elevating notes and seductively virile accords, the Nike N150 On Fire mass premium deodorant is an exciting fragrance to wear to parties or other special occasions, where you want to get noticed. The sparkling, crisp aroma comes in a chic and edgily designed bottle that adds a touch of flamboyance and youth to your style quotient. The trendy fragrance lasts long and provides round-the-clock protection against body odour and sweat-related troubles, keeping you smelling fresh and energetic all the time.

Nike N150 Green Storm Deo Spray – 200 ml (For Men)

Nike 150 fragrance personifies forest odor type. It smells spicy wood as trees and plants being the most powerful sign of nature. The force and energy of these flows allows us to enjoy life contemplating the world. Storm Nike 150 Green energy is derived from trees. In the inital phase Peak Wormwood and pepper notes are covered with a citrus tree liek orange flower, bergamot, and then come in the content of aromatic lavender and cedar. In the final phase, all harmonize with notes of precious musk and sandalwood trees.

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